appeal play (1921)

“Billy Evans, famous problem umpire of the American League, stated after Bob Meusel had been declared out for not touching first base that it was the first time ever he had observed this play. He explains it as follows:

‘When the ball was related to Frisch, who touched Meusel as he stood on third, Umpire Chill, who was stationed at third base, could not make any ruling as he had not observed any infraction of the rules. Umpire Moriarty at first base could not say anything as it was an appeal play. When the ball was thrown over to first, and that base touched then Umpire Moriarty was empowered to make a decision, and having noticed the Meusel failed to touch first base, accordingly called the base runner out. In my experience as an umpire I have never seen a similar play come up. It is certainly noteworthy.'” “Evans Explain Decision That Cost Meusel a Triple,” Boston Herald, October 6, 1921, p6

No earliest use given in 2009 Dickson Baseball Dictionary