Friendly Confines (1908)

“The present series at home will probably decide the prospects of the Reds. The long stay in friendly confines gives the team a good chance to get into the running with a good average before the schedule calls them out on the road again.” W.F. Allen, “Baseball Gossip Around the Circuit,” Minneapolis Tribune, June 21, 1908, Sporting Section, p3
NOTE: This article refers to the Minneapolis Millers of the American Association, often referred to as the “Reds,” as they were in the midst of a 15-game homestand.

“The much-battered Braves will return to the friendly confines of the Walpole-st ballpark tomorrow to start their first home series with the Western clubs beginning with the Cincinnati Red Birds.” Melville E. Webb Jr., “Braves Come Home Tomorrow After a Hard Time on Road,” Boston Globe, June 4, 1914, p9
— Earliest use with Major League stadium

Previous earliest use (Dickson Baseball Dictionary, 3rd edition, 2009):
“It was only the second victory for the Brooklyn players since leaving the friendly confines of Ebbets Field some ten days ago.” (The New York Times, May 19).