home run trot (1890)

“One of his first balls McPhee pasted into the ‘curcurious’ seats for a home run trot.” “Two of a Kind: Both Cleveland Teams Sup Largely on ‘Puree of Get Left’: Cyclone Young as the Twist Knocked Out of His Fence Rail Curves,” Cleveland Leader, August 17, 1890, p7

Previous earliest use (Dickson Baseball Dictionary, 3rd edition, 2009):
1950.  “[Hank Greenberg] caught a fat pitch on the big end of his bat one day, and knew he had hit it well.  Hank started giving it that old home run trot toward first base.  When he neared second he looked up just in time to see the left fielder making the catch behind shortstop.  That’s the Comiskey Park wind for you.” (Jimmy Dykes, quoted in Washington Post, Dec. 12; Peter Morris)