out in front (1926)

“But he didn’t hit. He had too much body action at the plate. He continually shifted his feet, had the bat out in front when the pitch was coming–always off his stride.” Brother Gilbert, “Boys Club,The Star (Washington), February 22, 1926, p24.
NOTE: Brother Gilbert is described as the “man who discovered Babe Ruth,” an instructor at Ruth’s school in Baltimore who brought him to the attention of Jack Dunn. In the quote, in the column of Robert McClellan, he is describing another player at the school who he had thought was going to be a star.

1928.  “Most batters who have trouble with slow ball pitching are ‘pull’ hitters.  That is, they are meeting the ball ‘out front’.” (Babe Ruth, Babe Ruth’s Own Book of Baseball, p.164; Peter Morris).