attendance bonus/attendance clause (1934)

“Just how Jimmy (Double X) Foxx, Public Holdout No. 1, retained his composure has not been made clear, but when he failed to laugh out loud upon receiving that $15,000 salary and attendance-bonus offer from Connie Mack, it indicates either remarkable self-control or a nature entirely devoid of appreciation for the more subtle forms of humor.” C.M. Gibbs, “Gibberish,” Baltimore Sun, March 3, 1934, p11

“The Sox owner said he mailed Bonura a contract calling for approximately $11,000 with an attendance bonus clause which might increase the total to $12,500.” Association Press, “Comiskey Admits He Has a ‘Holdout,’Boston Globe January 23, 1937, p5 (Also appeared elsewhere)

“Comiskey, who previously had offered Appling a $15,000 salary plus a $2,500 bonus-attendance clause, said he expected Appling’s signed contract within a few days.” Associated Press, “White Sox Offer Appling All-Time High of $17,500,” Decatur Review, February 16, 1937, p10

No earliest use given in 2009 Dickson Baseball Dictionary