Dipsy-Doodle (1933)

“When he [Hubbell] planted his spiked tootsies in at the Polo Grounds last Tuesday and buzzed that dipsy-doodle screw ball past the first three Washington hitters for three strikeouts….” Jimmy Powers, The Daily News [NY], October 9, 1933, p42

Previous earliest use (Dickson Baseball Dictionary, 3rd edition, 2009):
1ST USE (as “dipsy-dew”) 1932 (Baseball Magazine, October; Edward J. Nichols). 

  • NOTE: There were many other uses of “dipsy-dew” (sometimes as “dipsy-do” before 1932. The earliest I could find was this one:
    — “…. McCarthy … proceeded to piffle on three wide ones—that ‘dispy-dew’ of Lud’s [Billy Ludwig] is a wonder.” Portsmouth [OH] Daily Times, June 2, 1910, p10
  • Powers also used the term “