Old Timers’ Day (1898)

Yesterday was ‘Old-Timers’ day at the South end. The veterans made the most of it, and after more than two hours hard work withdrew, lame in every muscle and as tired as G. A. R. vets after an annual encampment parade—but O! what fun they had.” (Vets in Armor. Old Ball Tossers Dig Up Former Uniforms.) Boston Globe, June 27, 1898, p4

  • NOTE: Albert Spalding and George Wright, as well as other “old members of the red stockinged Bostons,” were among the players. Spalding would have been 46 and Wright 51 at the time. (Ken Liss)

Previous earliest use (Dickson Baseball Dictionary, 3rd edition, 2009):
1ST USE. 1908. “They were privileged, indeed, who attended the Old Timers’ Day at Paddock’s Island in Boston Harbor [on Aug. 12, 1908]” (Baseball Magazine, November; John Thorn).