Squeeze Play (1905)

‘Squeeze’ Trick Worked by New York Highlanders. The ‘squeeze trick,’ used for the first time by the New York Americans during their series of games in this city [Jackson, MS] last week, is the latest thing in baseball, and will doubtless be geneally adopted by professional teams through the country during the coming season.Birmingham News, April 3, 1905, p9

The ‘Squeeze Play’: Griffith’s men also appear to have worked off some hot air stories on the Jackson reporters, who evidently took the baseball men at their words. Probably this deception accounts for a baseball story sent out from Jackson that Griffith and his men are working a new play called the ‘squeeze play,” with the Jackson reporter avers is absolutely new and is bound to revolutionize baseball, the play in question having been introduced by the Highlanders for the first time in Jackson. THis is nothing more nor less than for the runner on third to dash in from the bag while the batsman is signalled to bunt.” Vicksburg Evening Post , April 4, 1905, p5

Previous earliest use (Dickson Baseball Dictionary, 3rd edition, 2009):
1ST USE. 1905. “[New York Highlanders] manager [Clark] Griffith says he has a new one called the ‘squeeze play,’ which is working wonders” (The Washington Post, Apr. 9; Norman L. Macht).